I’m so happy I got to spend my birthday with my mommy. Ms. Angela is the best!

- 5 y.o. Boy 

Our Services



Therapists offer individual therapy to children, adolescents and adultsfor a variety of mental health needs, as well as life struggles. Staff specialize in anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, youth behavior problems, adoption and foster care issues, blended families, divorce, abuse and neglect, developmental trauma and family conflict.. as well as family therapy. Therapy services can be covered by insurance plans depending on the purpose.

Supervised Visitation 

Supervised visitation and exchange services promote family relationships while protecting the physical and emotional safety of children and their families. Supervised visitation allows non-custodial parents to visit with children under close monitoring in the service center, in homes and in community settings. Supervised exchanges are the monitoring of transfers of children from one parent to the another. This service is private pay only and is not covered by insurance. Individuals may be eligible for a sliding scale.


Education classes are curriculum based and assist individuals in applying concepts to their personal lives. We offer classes to adolescents and adults in Anger Managements and Substance Abuse. We also offer education and coaching for Co-parenting through divorce.

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